Foam Planks & Sheets - Polyethylene (PE) 

Cut to shipping! Made in USA.

Plastifoam fabricates polyethylene foam planks & sheets to your size specifications, in thicknesses from 1-4" up to 108" in length and 48" wide. Visit our Foam Selector to view enlarged foam sample images.Polyethylene-Foam-Planks-Sheets.jpg

  • 0.9# Senflex Grey Laminated
  • 1.2# Mint Green Laminated
  • 1.7# White Laminated
  • 1.7# Black Laminated
  • 1.7# Blue Laminated
  • 1.7# Antistatic Pink Laminated
  • 1.7# Renew Black Recycled
  • 2.2# White Extruded
  • 2.2# Black Extruded
  • 2.2# Antistatic Pink Extruded
  • 2.2# Ultrafine Black Extruded
  • 4.0# White Extruded
  • 4.0# Black Extruded
  • 6.0# White Extruded
  • 9.0# White Extruded

Polyethylene foam is durable, lightweight and resilient; the perfect material for protecting products that are high in value and relatively fragile.

  • Great for packaging and protecting heavier items 
  • Excellent vibration dampening for delicate instruments
  • High resistance to chemicals and moisture
  • Easily custom die-cut into polyethylene foam sheets, planks, pads, blocks and shapes for tools, instruments, equipment
  • Closed cell, soft, dense (high density) packing foam 
  • Perfect for blocking and bracing in shipment

We provide free advice and can recommend the best polyethylene foam option. Contact us now for fast assistance. Call Tammy at 603-641-9814 ext. 352 or email using the form.


Plank foam - polyplank polyethylene foam sheets