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Foam Edge Protectors

Edge Protection for Product Shipping & Industrial Safety

Plastifoam offers a wide variety of foam edge protectors and safety foam for packaging and industrial applications. We cut Pregis ProFlex® Foam Profiles to any size. 

  • Foam edge protectors withstand impact and vibration.

  • Polyethylene closed-cell foam is clean, odorless, resilient, and flexible.

  • Protect furniture, metal, glass, powder-coated finishes, and delicate products.

Plastifoam can recommend the best foam edge protection option based upon:

  • The fragility and design of your product

  • Handling and transportation conditions

  • Cushioning requirement calculations

  • Vibration assessments

  • Safety foam padding for industrial environments


For custom pricing, contact us to discuss your protection requirements. Email or call Tammy Taylor at 603-641-9814 ext 352 or use the form to email us.

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